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Andrew McKnight

               I have been a client at Cabin Studios since the ProTools days in 1998 before the current building was built. I have brought solo projects, band projects, studio recordings, live video and audio, cutting songs in a day for adult and young songwriters, radio jingles and even a 33-year old restoration and remix project from 8-track reels and proprietary formats. I've worked and played with Les for a long time, and he has always given me the best ears along with the freedom to reach and be creative - he has repeatedly brought out the best sounding results and often from gently challenging me to try some spark idea he gets in the process. I've worked with Dustin a ton in the last decade on audio and video projects of all different sorts, and he's never been satisfied until the work is as well-presented as it deserves. Thorough, meticulous, and enormous technical skills to go along with great ears and an artist's heart.

              Clearly I've spent a ton of a time and money working with these two people whom I trust implicitly and have grown to call family, but I've seen them extend those same gifts and dedication to every session I've witnessed. It's worth making the time to spend your precious time working with two of the best in a beautiful and relaxed setting.

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Johny Shivers - Sonic Creeps

Cabin studios is an experience all it's own. From the time you arrive you are made to feel welcomed and accommodated. Having spent many long hours working on music here, I never got the feeling of being rushed or that what I was trying to create was unobtainable. 


It's a great atmosphere with superb sound quality matched by trusted and experienced sound engineers. In a world full of chaotic art, cabin studios brings tranquility

Jason Frye

The recording specialists at Cabin Studios are exceptionally gifted in recognizing the essence of an artist and then capturing their ideal sound through high-quality recording equipment and expert-level engineering.  They're very committed to ensuring that their clients receive the best service and the staff there is great to work with; I highly recommend them to any musicians in need of a professional recording studio.

Kate MacLeod
Kate Macleod.jpg

Coming Soon

And MANY more...

Lisa Taylor

  • Winner of the 2008 “WAMA Award” 


Stephanie Thompson

  • Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist featured on many albums and writer of Salamander Crossing’s hit single "What kind of person?"


Danny Knicely

  • This multitalented, multi-instrumentalist knows no boundaries in his fiery approach to mountain music from Appalachia to the Himalayas.


Molly Andrews

  • This singer and actress is one of the finest practitioners of Appalachian ballad singing in the country


Chance McCoy

  • The young West Virginian is one of the finest oldtime Appalachian fiddlers in the business, as well as being a fine picker on guitar, mandolin and banjo. He is the grand-champion winner of the West Virginia Fiddle Competition.



  • The eclectic and virtuosic acoustic gypsy jazz group wows audiences at festivals and concert series around our region


Larry Burnett

  • One of the principal songwriters in the popular 70s group Firefall evokes those wonderful melodies and time-tested acoustic sounds with his new solo project.


Bob Gordon

  • Winner of the 2008 "Telly Award Bronze" for the documentary "Take this Hammer".


Speakeasy Boys

  • As described on their card, "We’re not a group, we’re a party!"

Goose Creek Association

Bad Dog

Don Chapman

Tara Linhardt

David Via

Jerry Bresee

Steve Williams

The Deadneks

JJ Damage And The Bandits


David Weeks

Patrick Egan

The Recently Deceased

Finger Cuffs

Kill Meow

Carpathian Overlords


Danny Kay And The Nightlifers

Furious Frank

Annie Stencil

Chris Stoudt

Joe Daniels


Terry Turner

Sidney Murry

Julia Kasdorf

Josh Castle

Rachel Taylor

Knock'n on Wood

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