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Cabin Studios is a professional recording studio located just south of Leesburg, VA, featuring modern digital tools and a wide array microphones and competent tracking spaces. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • We have embraced the Digital Audio Workstation and use quite a few of them as the project demands. Studio One, Cakewalk, Luna and others are available here.

  • PC and Mac workstations utilizing the Universal Audio Apollo platform are our standard I/O of choice as well as preamps from Audient and PreSonus

  • Up to 35 simultaneous audio input channels. Unlimited mixing channels as well as midi and re-amping capabilities

  • Legacy recording equipment of various analog and digital formats: DAT, ADAT, 2 and 4 channel cassette as well as 2 and 8 channel reel to reel.

Control Surfaces
  • Our Mackie Control Universal controller offers tactile control over 9 faders and transport

  • Softube Console 1 offers an analog feel to mixing with its hardware control of customizable channel strips

  • We have an extensive collection of microphones, featuring many well-loved devices needed to capture excellent representation of any source.  Please contact us for specific needs.

  • We have formidable collection of plugins at our disposal to suit your mixing needs. UAD, Waves, Softube, IK, Izotope; the list goes on.

  • We also have a collection of virtual instruments to leverage for creative needs

  • Our control room monitoring is centered around a pair of Neumann KH-310 studio monitors and an accompanying KH 805 subwoofer.

  • The digital conversion stage features a MiniDSP room correction module which feeds a Dangerous Convert-2 to supply the monitors with stellar signal.

  • Classic Yamaha NS-10 monitors can be made available

  • Studio recording and mixing headphones of varying price points and quality

  • Performance/Artist monitoring with custom cue mixes are provided via Behringer Powerplay 16

  • For your convenience a studio drum kit with configuration options can be made available.

  • Various hand percussion

  • A Roland RD-700sx Digital Piano is available for real feel keyboard performance and MIDI capture as well as an Akai MPK mini for quick control at the mixing console.

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